About AYCH

AYCH Electronics is an independently owned business located in both California and Washington State. It began in 1994 and has continued to grow since.

AYCH offers a wide variety of services from diagnostic checks to small business solutions. We meet every customers needs in an efficient and affordable way, and always with a smile. With so many returning customers we are able to expand and cover more ground in the electronics field than a run of the mill company would be able to do. Some of our expansion covers security systems, web site design, and business enterprise solutions.

We take pride in what we do for our clients, and provide a quality products and services every step of the way. We also provide services at a noticeably smaller cost than a bigger corporation would be able to. In a world that runs on technology this means there is no reason for our customers to go without just because of cost. We also have a close team, which means our client is never dealing with a confusing network of employees. They can meet and question the technician that will be working with them directly, in person or on the phone every time.

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Visit Our Offices

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Lacey Office

Our Lacey office is our corporate office location. This store is where we do retail and sell different electronic devices, parts, and components. We often have printers and mobile devices available for purchase. Our primary focus at this office is on technical work, such as repairing computers, building computers, and other services. When we receive cell phones and tablets for repair, this is the office that they are repaired at. The Lacey office also loves our furry friends. We have both a cute dog and cat that love our customers.

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Tumwater Office

The Tumwater branch is where we do most of our development work, including graphics, web, and programming. We also do repairs here for computers, but also specialty repairs for TVs, vintage electronics, and other devices. It is also our meeting space with clients. We liven up our office with our piano and fish tank. we also have a jade plant named Sparky. Stop by for a free jade plant draft and start growing your very own jade plant today!

The Tumwater branch also offers U-Haul services. Conveniently close to the I-5 Highway, our location makes a great place for U-Haul pickup and drop-off. Contact the Tumwater branch for more information about our U-Haul services

Meet Our Team

Check back soon for more information about the AYCH team!

Hagop Ouzounian


Mireille Takajian

CFO & General Manager

Desi Handley

Executive Assistant

Hovsep Ouzounian


Andre Wagoner

Lead Technician

Ted McGlothern

Technical Manager (Tumwater Office)

Andrew Kern

Web Services Manager