Computer Services

Computer Services

Does your computer not start up? Did your phone screen break? Does your PC have a virus? Do you need computer diagnostics?

AYCH is committed to solving these and many more computer issues. We fix computers both in-store and on-site, so you can bring your technology to us or we can come to you. AYCH also provides free diagnostics with any repair, or if you just want to make sure your device is healthy. We keep the cost of our services fair and most of our services cost $59.99.

AYCH provides computer services ranging from repairing computers, phones, and tablets to building custom PCs, and virus removal to data recovery. Our computer-related services are listed and detailed below. If you would like to meet with AYCH Electronics or have any questions, you can contact us here to get more information.

— Computer Repair

Computers can run into tons of different problems, some of which end up requiring extra service. Here at AYCH we can provide quality repair services for your computer at a price that's fair.

AYCH repairs all kinds of computers from Desktop PCs, laptops, and Mac computers. We can repair faulty hardware components and replace laptop screens.

— Virus/Malware Removal

If your computer is infected with a virus or malware, we can help you get rid of it. There are often viruses that mess with people's devices and cause the devices to run slower.

We can help optimize your computer by removing any viruses or malware. Some viruses are sneaky and you may not aware of them, but removing them can help your device run faster. We'll also help you install an antivirus to prevent any infections in the future.

— Data Recovery

If your computer is broken and dead, you may have important data that you'd want to save. If you need to retrieve the data from it, we can help extract and save your lost data.* If you bring your computer to us, we try to restore any files or images you no longer have access to.

*Not all lost data is retrievable and so some data may be not recoverable.

— Phone & Tablet Repair

Many people today use smaller, more portable devices like phones and tablets that are more prone to certain troubles such as screen cracking. Whether your mobile device has a cracked screen, runs slow, or has some other issue, AYCH can help you fix the problem.

We have experience working with many different kinds of phones and tablets, so if you're having issues bring yours in and we'll see what we can do.

— Hardware Cleaning

Over time, devices can get filled with dust and gunk. Devices, such as laptop cooling fans, can get dust stuck in spaces that can cause issues. We can assist you with cleaning it out to ensure your device hardware can run efficiently with a reduced risk of getting damage.

— Custom PCs & Upgrades

Want a specialized custom PC that's fine-tuned to what you need? We can assist you through the process and help you build the PC that you want.

If you would like to make an upgrade to a current device, such as increasing your computer's RAM or graphics card, we also provide upgrade services.

— Trade-Ins

Have a computer or other device you don't need anymore? You can bring in your old or no-longer used devices and we can trade you for them.

Looking For a Different Service?

AYCH Electronics provides a variety of other services that span beyond what is offered on this page. To view a list of all our services, click the button below. If you still don't see a service you are looking for, contact us here and we'll see if we can help.