Frequently Asked Questions

I need a virus clean-up, or reload my operating system. Do you make house calls?

Although AYCH does provide in-home service, for this type of work it is highly recommended to bring the system into one of our locations. Virus cleanup and operating system reloads, although generally quoted at 1.5 to 2 hours of in-shop labor, actually take quite a while longer. These jobs often involve numerous diagnostic tests, virus scans, updates to download, etc. which can extend the real-time of the service. On-site, technicians are forced to essentially watch the bar go across the screen while these processes run their course and real-time charges apply. Whereas in-shop they can work on other jobs in the meantime and customers are only charged for time spent actively servicing their computer. Therefore, it is always more cost-effective to bring systems into AYCH Electronics for this type of work.

I need data recovery, can I expect to retrieve all my data and programs?

The success of the recovery process depends on the condition of the media storage device. Generally, the majority of your data can be recovered. However, certain cases may require a more intense type of data recovery.

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