IT and Technical Support

IT and Technical Support

AYCH Electronics can assist you in setting-up and maintaining your electronics technology, whether for a personal office space or an entire company. We can help you solve and run your technology situation in one of our offices, on-site, or over the phone.

AYCH provides IT services ranging from setting-upoffice spaces to technical support. If you would like to meet with AYCH Electronics or have any questions, you can contact us here to get more information.

— Home & Office Setup

Setting up technology at home or an office can involve multiple factors, from printer setup to router installment. To ensure all the parts of your setup are connected and run as efficiently as possible, we'll assist in the set-up process.

— Full Service IT

Coming Soon!

— On-Site Technical Support

Have a technical problem that requires a person to be there? We can do it! We offer IT services that extend past just our offices; we can come to you to help solve your problem and implement a solution.

— Remote Access Services

If you need to access a computer while away from the office, remote access is method we can help you implement. Once setup, you'll be able to control and/or watch the activity on your computers wherever you are.

At AYCH, we also provide tech support that utilizes remote access to solve your problems faster and efficiently.

Looking For a Different Service?

AYCH Electronics provides a variety of other services that span beyond what is offered on this page. To view a list of all our services, click the button below. If you still don't see a service you are looking for, contact us here and we'll see if we can help.